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Welcome to Andrew Landscape and Construction. As you travel through our site you will see how we truly understand the special relationship needed between contractor and homeowner. Over the years the landscape of  one’s home has become  not just grass and plants, but a whole new adventure. A place to sit and meditate. A place to listen to the running water cascading over the falls and flowing down the stream bed. A place to  entertain friends and family, be it on the patio, in the new outdoor room   or the secluded sitting area. Give us the opportunity to take your dreams and make them into that special place for you and your family.

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The List
on Tuesday, August 1 2017
      When potential clients call Andrew Landscape Construction, it's quite common to find they have already visited our website. Many are impressed with the work featured in our gallery, which by the way, are all pictures of …
outdoor stereo system
on Monday, June 27 2016
If you're like me, you love to have music playing when you're working, whether it's yard work, working in the garage or working in the office.  When I start working on a landscape design, music is almost always playing.  I ev …
Pools and pool remodels
on Friday, December 19 2014
Andrew Landscape Construction is more than just a sprinkler and lawn company. We do a wide range of projects from patio covers, outdoor kitchens and living areas, ponds and water features, block walls, concrete, and pools, yes pools! Some of you people ar …
Curb Appeal II
on Wednesday, April 16 2014
CURB APPEAL II   I know I recently talked about curb appeal, but this is such an important consideration for someone thinking about putting their place on the market, that it needs to be discussed again.  Even if it’s not time to sell, w …
A Tale From The Landscaper's Wife
on Monday, October 28 2013
A Tale From The Landscaper’s Wife               This blog is being written by the wife of the landscape contractor who owns Andrew Landscape Construction. Naturally I have a little differ …