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Pools and pool remodels

Andrew Landscape Construction is more than just a sprinkler and lawn company. We do a wide range of projects from patio covers, outdoor kitchens and living areas, ponds and water features, block walls, concrete, and pools, yes pools! Some of you people are probably wondering or thinking to yourselves why a landscape company would build pools. Luckily for those of you that were wondering, I have an answer for you. As a landscape company we think of more than just the pool, we think about the project in its entirety. There are many things that need to happen at the same time the pool is being built to have your project exactly as you envisioned.

 A lot of pools lately are having planters right against the pool. So obviously you need pipe there to water the plants, because after the concrete decking or pavers have gone in, good luck with that. Another thing to think about is an overflow. As I’m sitting here right now it’s raining outside and the water in our pool is almost to the overflow. I’m sure glad that overflow drain is part of the pool. It could be ugly to have water leaking between the top of the tile and the couping.

 Now I’m not saying a pool company wouldn’t do that but what about running low voltage wire for a path light or up lights. Some pool companies aren’t thinking about the finishing touches that can really transform your back yard into your dream yard.

Having Andrew Landscape Construction install your pool can save you, the homeowner, money by having a company that can do your project from start to finish without having to hire multiple companies for each step and possibly having something over looked or forgotten. We take care of everything from designing the pool to marking out and picking the location of the pool with you right next to us every step of the way. After all, we want it to be perfect for you and your life style.

Once the pool is complete we aren’t done with your project like a pool company. Now we can get started on making the rest of the yard look as good as your new pool. We need to pick a decking material and once again there is a wide range to choose from. We do many different concrete finishes and colors and if you want something else we also do pavers and flagstone. While working on your pool, Andrew Landscape Construction can also add an outdoor kitchen, dining area, or family room. All these can be covered by a lattice or solid cover patio, or perhaps a free standing pergola. And don’t forget fencing options, we can add wrought iron, wood, or block walls to beautify your pool area.  If you’re thinking about putting a pool in your backyard give Andrew Landscape Construction a call. Or if you already have a pool but it is time for an update we can replaster add new tile or break out the surrounding decking and start fresh.