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The List

      When potential clients call Andrew Landscape Construction, it's quite common to find they have already visited our website. Many are impressed with the work featured in our gallery, which by the way, are all pictures of our own jobs. (I only say this because a caller once asked if the pictures in our gallery were taken of our own projects. When I responded, "Of Course!" she replied, "I asked the last company I called the same question, and the gentleman told me they were pictures taken from magazines but he could do work like that." Well, not only can Andrew Landscape do work like that, but we have done so, because those are pictures of our completed projects.) Still other potential clients have been referred by satisfied family members, friends and neighbors who were previous clients.

     Those who call from referrals have often heard of "The List" and want to get on it as soon as possible. Some hear about "The List" when they call to schedule an appointment and others learn about it during their initial meeting. Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself; just what exactly is "The List?" Here is a very quick explanation of "The List."

     During your first meeting, which is free of charge, Wayne, Tyson, or both will come to your home to see what you currently have in your yard and discuss what you would like to have in your dream garden. Next you will receive a very detailed proposal of the project to be completed, with prices for each step and various options, as well as the contract. Once the contract has been signed and returned, the client is added to the bottom of "The List." As jobs are finished you move up "The List." Therefore, of course, it is important to get the contract returned in a timely manner.

     Why do we have "The List" you may ask? Following is a simple answer:

Because, Andrew Landscape has been in business almost 40 years and has a good reputation in the landscape industry.

Because, the owner of the company, Wayne Andrew, has a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Park Administration from Cal Poly Pomona.

Because, Andrew Landscape has won numerous awards for their designs and installation projects, as well as being featured in Sunset Magazine. We have also had several clients show off their yards on Home & Garden tours.

Because, we have a valid California Contracators License, which protects our clients, and is required by law. It is to your advantage to only use licensed contractors.

Because, we carry Worker's Compensation and Liability insurance.

Because, Andrew Landscape does quality work for a fair price.

Because, Andrew Landscape can do everything you could possibly want in your dream garden.

Because, our employees are excellent landscapers, polite, friendly, and honest.

     Yes, at times "The List" can get rather lengthy and the wait may take several months before we can have our empoyees on your job. But before you decide to go with another company that can start immediately, you need to ask yourself, do I really want to do business with a landscaper who can start next week? Because, I don't know about you, but that tells me, he has no jobs. And there is probably a reason why.

     Please call Andrew Landscape Construction if you are starting to consider work on your dream garden. Let us work with you on making your dream a reality and then you too can get on "The List."