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Springtime Backyard Remodel for the Riverside Area

Okay, not just yet, but this past week sure felt like that glorious time of year in the Inland Empire.  You know the time I’m talking about.  When the air is clean, the sky so blue and the clouds a beautiful white puff.  I don’t care where you live, be it Riverside, Moreno Valley or on up to Upland and Claremont or Orange County.  We have had some nice weather – for winter time.  Now the problem.  You just spent this weekend outdoors in your back yard, remember, it was a gorgeous weekend!  You’re beginning to remember all the landscape items you wanted to take care of prior to the start of Spring.  I know, the World Series and then we move right into the football season.  It’s tough to find the time our spouse says is available for all the work that needs to be done. 

I have spent most of my spare time this winter in my back yard doing a total make over.  And I mean total!  The patio cover came down, the pool was stripped down to the gunite, plants removed, old walls and fencing torn down and on and on.  Now I’ve been working on building a nice wood deck for an outdoor dining area and outdoor kitchen.  The pool is finished with new tile, plaster and about 6000 pounds of boulders to create a very nice waterfall into the pool.  We also removed all the old concrete around the pool and the old patio.  All my flat work is now done with pavers I picked up from Orco Pavers here in Riverside.  It must sound like I’ve been working my fanny off and you know what?  I have been.  Thank God for friends just crazy enough to come over to help.  They also seem to understand a little sweat equity is a good thing if they want to be invited over for all the summer time parties.

Speaking of summer time parties.  My wife decided all this back yard remodeling was going a little slower than she felt comfortable with.  So in all her wonderful wisdom she has scheduled a September party – in my back yard!!  I have been told there shouldn’t be any more than one hundred people attending.  And all are excited to see the new back yard and get ideas for their own little private oasis.  Please tell me I’m not the only spouse here that has this kind of landscape pressure put on ones shoulders.  If you’re reading this little blog, send me an email and tell me what sort of stress you may have been put through for the glory of the yard.  Maybe I will share some in future blogs in an effort to make us all feel better.  Life is always a little sweeter when you can laugh at someone else’s problem even though you know it could be you.

I guess for me all the landscape stress isn’t really that big a deal, after all that’s what I’ve been doing for a living these past thirty-five years.  I’m lucky to love what I do, since these last few months I’ve been doing landscape and hardscape work seven days a week.  Not all of us have the knowledge or maybe not even the desire to get that work done.  But there may be a real need to get that fish pond installed or have a nice low voltage landscape lighting system put in.  Do you know with the addition of low voltage landscape lighting your back yard turns into a totally different entertainment area.  And don’t just think about the entertainment benefit of outdoor lighting.  We can make your front and back yards more secure by lighting up the landscape and eliminating those areas that people of ill intentions are looking for.   If you have a need or have that landscape stress but not the knowledge or desire, call Andrew Landscape Construction.  We won’t be working at your place on the weekend, but we would be more than happy to provide our landscape and hardscape services during the week.

I intend for future blogs to provide you with a little more detail on specific phases of our landscape.  For those of you who would like to attempt the work yourself but may need some guidance, I may be able to help you.  Keep looking for new blogs to see when I may get to your construction need.  Andrew Landscape Construction can come into a new job that is just dirt and start the work with all necessary grading, sprinklers, concrete, ponds and waterfalls, patio covers, fire rings, decks and even that occasional tree house.  We would also be happy to remodel your existing landscape to HELP CREATE YOUR DREAM GARDEN.  And of course don’t forget the low voltage lighting, grass and yes, we even install plants and flowers.  If you have a project starting soon, send me an email with information about what you’re going to attempt.  Perhaps my next blog could have information to help you.