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Patios & Pergolas

Patios & Pergolas

 As I drive through a neighborhood and see people sitting in their front yard for a party, I always feel bad for them.  Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to be able to have that party in your back yard?  Maybe provide a little more privacy from all the cars driving by.  Sounds better to me!!!  It’s not all that hard.  Just get back there and cut down the darn weeds.


After you do that, give us a call.  Andrew Landscape Construction can help with the creation of a beautiful patio cover or freestanding pergola to give you a place to set up your table and chairs to entertain and feed your party guests. A patio cover will also help keep your house cooler during the hot Southern California summers.  If you really don’t want to clear out the weeds yourself, you could use us to take care of that too.  There is nothing better than a structure of some sort, be it a patio cover attached to the house or a nice freestanding pergola to help provide that “room” feeling you need to create.  We can do something very simple that may have an open ceiling that let’s a lot of sun in or make it a solid cover that keeps all the sun off of you.  When you have a solid cover, you also then have the opportunity for some potted plant materials that may need a little protection from the sun.  Whatever you decide on, a patio cover or a pergola structure, I’m sure you’ll end up spending most your summer nights there and not in your front yard, unless, of course, you’re waiting for the ice cream man.


First, some questions need to be answered before you’re ready to create that structure.   Among the main things to consider are what type of material you would like to see and how much money you are willing to spend.  Patio covers made with aluminum will give you a very nice “room” and provide the shade you may be looking for.  Wood structures will do the same, but require more work and more expense.  Using wood for your structure opens up the possibilities for all sorts of design options, starting with unlimited colors of stains, rough sawn or smooth materials.  Maybe, that “big beam” look or perhaps a very elegant looking tongue and groove solid cover.  The finished product is only limited to what your dream sees.  Recently we had a client in the Inland Empire who dreamed of a “barrel shaped cover”.  Of course, it was left to us to figure how to make that happen.  It was new to us to create a freestanding pergola that had a solid cover arched roof.  We decided to use steel beams that we had bent into beautiful arches by a steel fabricating company in Los Angeles.  All the steel was then powder coated and installed on top of very heavy wood posts and beams.  Next we installed a shiplap tongue and groove Spruce solid cover that was stained to match all the other shiplap material that was part of the house structure.


 As always, don’t forget the landscape night lighting to help make your new patio cover or pergola just that much more special.  Andrew Landscape has added all sorts of lighting to newly created covers.  You can try rope lighting, track lighting, spot lighting, chandeliers, sconces and just about anything else you can think of.  While working on a job in Redlands, California, the homeowner had purchased a very nice looking heavy metal chandelier from Mexico.  She wanted the chandelier to hang from her new dining area pergola we had built in her back yard.  We found it necessary to rewire the whole thing to make it safe, but when we got it up and hanging, it was gorgeous!  So don’t forget, the day time shade providing patio cover will turn into a wonderful night time entertainment area with just the right amount of patio and landscape lighting. 


Please give Andrew Landscape Construction a call when you’re ready to turn your back yard into a place to live and entertain.  If it’s a patio cover or pergola type structure that should be part of your yard, we can certainly help.  Let us help you to see what the possibilities can be for your own back yard and to create your dream garden.