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Enjoying the back yard



I’m sitting on a second story deck right now looking out onto the tree covered mountains of Big Bear.  The restaurant across the street has a beautiful stone veneer on the side of it.  And with the pine trees around it, and maybe some Aspen trees, the scene couldn’t be more beautiful!  I also just realized if I take my eyes off the trees across from my line of sight, I also have a view of the water of Big Bear Lake.  We’ve just finished dinner out on the deck and from here I can see some landscape lights beginning to come on and do their thing.  It is Father’s Day weekend.  I met my wife and some family up here just this afternoon after working in Crestline on a job.  We’re going to be spending the weekend up here enjoying life, each other and the landscape.  Right now this is the back yard landscape I get to enjoy.  I’m looking at beautiful landscaping, nicely planted hillsides, a gorgeous water feature, (of course God did all this!), but He has taught some of us to do this at our own homes!  I guess I’ve been blessed to be one of those who was given the ability to recreate some of God’s work, albeit far, far from the beauty of the original work. 


In the past I’ve mentioned feeling bad for those families having maybe a child’s birthday party in their FRONT yard, rather than the nice quite private back yard.  They have all their friends and family sitting at tables, maybe under a canopy if it’s hot, about 20 feet from the street with all the cars that are driving by, (including me), all looking at them.  One has to wonder what’s going on in the back yard to make it so bad as to not be able to use the space for something as wonderful as a child’s birthday party.  As I’m sitting here on this second story deck, with the sun now down behind the mountain ridge and the landscape lights beginning to throw out their brilliance, I realize there are many back yard families, thanks to Andrew Landscape, that are able to feel the same sort of peace I am right now. 


Your back yard is so much more than just a place to barbeque, rest after work, rake the leaves, pull the weeds, clean the pool and on and on.  Andrew Landscape tries to create a sanctuary for you, a place to sit and enjoy the quiet, (unless you have grandkids there all the time like I do).  Many people we meet with have these grand ideas of what they would like to have in their back yard.  I think sometimes we all look at way too many pictures of rich people’s places.  And you know what, most of those pictures are of places with people who have more money than I’ll ever see in my lifetime.  But that’s okay.  It still gives us an idea of what we would like to be around. 


Andrew Landscape can still help you even though you’ve been looking at too many photos of the rich celebrity homes.  We can work with you to turn that huge swimming pool into something that could fit in your back yard, maybe just a water feature with a waterfall and even a stream bed.  The sound of water running over stone is truly a wonderful and relaxing thing to experience.  I’ve spent many  weeks up in “God’s Garden” (the High Sierra’s), sitting next to streams watching the water move over the rock and trying to figure how to make that happen in a place like your back yard.  We’ve actually gotten quite good at it!  When you add the landscape lighting (just like a full moon), and maybe some new planting, your back yard turns into a wonderful place to relax, enjoy and get ready for the next day. 


We can always add the swimming pool you’d like to have to work off those extra calories or maybe the outdoor kitchen to help add the calories you may need.  Don’t forget the fireplace or fire ring.  After enjoying a meal prepared in your outdoor kitchen there’s nothing better than relaxing around the “campfire” to end the day.


I guess it’s time to end my time enjoying the landscape that God has provided for me and find my pillow.  But even when I wake up tomorrow and have to go home, I know my back yard will be my little sanctuary!!  Let Andrew Landscape Construction help you create your own little dream garden.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to relax and enjoy life – GIVE US A CALL.